Your Smart Digital Workplace Assistant

MyQ Roger is a fully-fledged public cloud solution designed to increase any person's productivity and efficiency. No matter if they work in an office environment or from home.

Capture documents with your mobile phone, multifunctional printer or from your e-mail inbox. Store them locally or in your personal cloud. Trigger advanced workflows. Transform documents to editable formats or electronic data that can be processed automatically by your integrated applications. Set up your own quick actions, or just use suggestions created by the system. 

Benefit from MyQ Roger's top Performance, High Availability and Multitenancy.


Hi, I'm Bessie, your MyQ Roger guide!

MyQ Roger Highlights:

  • Easily set up your digital workplace

    Your office is sitting in your pocket 

  • Be efficient and have fun working everywhere

    Work and fun are not as incompatible as you think! 

  • Touch only what is safe

    Control all devices from your own smart screen

  • Control your printer by voice

    When tapping is too old-fashioned for you 

  • Be faster and more secure

    Discover a new level of collaboration


MyQ Roger will bring fun to every modern workplace.

MyQ Roger puts all cards on the table

Check out all the exquisite features that come into play with MyQ Roger.

#1 Personalized Scanning Workflows

#1 Personalized Scanning Workflows

Design scanning tiles in the Roger app to fit your habits.

#2 Cloud First

#2 Cloud First

Scan to the cloud, print from the cloud, browse the cloud!

#3 No Local Network Required

#3 No Local Network Required

Enjoy the freedom of access from anywhere.

#4 Touchless Control of MFPs

#4 Touchless Control of MFPs

Control your MFP without physical contact – from the MyQ Roger app.

#5 Voice Assistant

#5 Voice Assistant

MyQ Roger will listen to your voice command and carry it out by pairing it with a workflow.

#6 Maximum Security

#6 Maximum Security

No data leaks with air-tight security standards including dynamically changing QR codes per log-in session.

#7 Public Cloud Platform

#7 Public Cloud Platform

You don't need to be a tech geek to use MyQ Roger!

#8 Chromebooks Supported

#8 Chromebooks Supported

Chromebook users will enjoy the ease of printing.

#9 Universal Print Compatible

#9 Universal Print Compatible

MyQ Roger is natively compatible with Universal Print by Microsoft.

#10 No Hidden PC Agents

#10 No Hidden PC Agents

Your jobs roam the office with you thanks to unique MyQ device spooling.

#11 Software as a Service

#11 Software as a Service

Our subscription model is fair and square!

#Joker – Scan with your phone camera!

#Joker – Scan with your phone camera!

And finally... be free of the MFP when you need to digitize your paper docs!

Enter the Digital Workspace

Get a unique virtual experience of collaboration at work and document management with MyQ Roger – your brand-new Smart Digital Workplace Assistant. Enjoy the simplicity of its fully personalized UI, use OneDrive or another cloud storage to print and scan your documents with a single click, and keep your digital office in your pocket at home, on the move, or at the office. 

The New Mobile Office

Make the most of MyQ Roger! Download the MyQ Roger Mobile App get the full user experience of Your Smart Digital Workspace Assistant. 

Imagine a fully personalized, touchless cloud print solution of the future. Easily scan, copy or print using your phone without touching the device panel. Just scan the QR code. Access your favorite MyQ actions, print jobs and scanning profiles. Personalize your app any way you like. Use your phone camera to scan, add metadata to the file and upload it to the company system or cloud destination and much more.


Is MyQ Roger suitable for my company?

MyQ Roger is ready to be deployed in SMEs as well Large Enterprises, Government and Education organizations. It doesn't matter how many devices there are in the fleet or how many users are using it at any given moment. MyQ Roger is a fully scalable solution that adapts to the needs of organizations of all types and sizes.

What infrastructure do I need to set up to deploy MyQ Roger?

None. It's as easy as it gets. MyQ Roger is a 100% serverless solution running in cloud. Its multitenant architecture is always ready for its users, without any need for local servers or even mesh agents.


How many devices can run under MyQ Roger?

MyQ Roger supports an unlimited number of devices and unlimited number of users. Its grand advantage is scalability, because MyQ Roger is a true cloud solution.

Can MyQ Roger help reduce costs?

Yes! Every MyQ edition can help you not only reduce costs, but primarily save its users a lot of time. MyQ Roger is as simple and easy to use as humanly possible. MyQ Roger can predict the needs of its users and servers as a real Smart Digital Workspace Assistant. 

Can I print and scan from my mobile device?

Of course, just download the MyQ Roger Mobile App (Android or iOS) and go ahead with touchless printing and scanning. You can also browse your docs in your cloud storages, like OneDrive, etc.

Does MyQ Roger also have personalized display (embedded terminal) like MyQ X?

Yes, a terminal is native to MyQ Roger. Every user can have their own design and UI set up on the MFP display, as well as on their own mobile device.

Can I install MyQ Roger remotely?

Yes, all the infrastructure is in the cloud, so deployment in your printer fleet is easy and can be done within a few minutes remotely. 

How can I get MyQ Roger?

Simply register yourself and a MyQ specialist will contact you.

Who is Bessie?

Bessie is a pilot of the MyQ Jet. She is the guide and voice of MyQ Roger.

We were inspired by an actual historical personality, the admirable Bessie Coleman. She was the first African-American woman, and also the first Native-American, to hold a pilot license. She earned her pilot license from the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale on June 15, 1921.

Enter the Digital Workspace

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